The 2014 competition has ended. Information regarding the 2015 competition will be announced in the near future.
The MISE Tournament is an exciting mathematical problem solving competition for 11-17 year olds designed to enrich and promote mathematics education in Ghana. The program is an excellent opportunity for aspiring young scientists to develop their problem solving skills, get tournament experience, bond and connect with friends and others from different schools

The tournament consists of two individual rounds of challenging exams.The first round is on OPEN Tournament sat by any interested student,thereafter the top scoring students in the open tournament are invited to participate in the Invitational Semi-Final Tournament.

After two challenging rounds of tournaments, finalists are invited to participate in the Math Olympiad Program also known as MOP. There, they will explore and refine their skills in advanced problem solving techniques (conjecture, proof, analysis, and research) and then write the Team Selection Exam. Ultimately the top performers on the Team Selection Exam will earn the right to represent Ghana at the International level the following year.
  • January 31st -- Registration Deadline
  • March --  First Round Tournament ( Open Exam)
  • April/May -- Second Round Tournament ( Invitational Semi- final Exam)
  • July --  Third Round Tournament (MISE-Ghana Mathematical Olympiad)
  • August -- Third Round Tournament ( MISE Junior Mathematical Olympiad)
Syllabus/ Learning resources

Sample questions for the 15-17 year old category can be found here. You may also check out the South African Math Olympiad

Sample questions for the 11-14 year old category can be found here they may also check out the Mathcounts site or the PWMC

As always there are tons of videos here for 15- 17 year olds and here for 11-14 year olds.