Are you passionate about mathematics, and want to challenge yourself beyond the classroom math? 


Do you want to sharpen your mathematical problem solving skills as well as to develop rigorous thinking?


If yes, then register and participate in the MISE Tournament today!!!!

Registration Deadline: 31st January, 2015


 Junior Tournament: 12 - 14 years  

 Senior Tournament: 15 - 17 years 

MISE-Kangaroo Tournament is Ghana's premier national mathematical problem solving competition open to any student with an interest in mathematics. It provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring young mathematicians to develop problem solving skills, get tournament experience, bond and connect with peers from different schools. The Tournament is a preliminary selection program for Ghana's Mathematical Olympiad Program.


Round 1: Open Tournament (March 2015)


•        Is a 50-minute, multiple-choice exam available to any student (Ages 12 to 17) who is registered by a school/Parent.

•        Administered at a computer lab within the time period designated by the MISE Foundation.

•        Has NO Penalty for guessing.

Round 2: Semi-Final Tournament (April 2015)


•        Administered at a school (classroom or location designated by the teacher/test administrator) over a 120-minute period.

•        Taken by students who score in the top 10% of the Open Exam.

•        Has NO Penalty for guessing.


Round 3: Ghana Math Olympiad Program (July 2015)


•        Conducted at Lincoln Community School over a 10-day period with 8/9 days of instruction and two days of testing.

•        Attended by students with the top 12 scores on the Semifinal Exam. We may invite other younger students.

•        Room and board are provided for students from other regions who require such services at an extra fee.

•        Students are responsible for transportation to and from the National Finals.

Anticipated National Math Olympiad Finals Schedule


Day    Activity

1        Students Arrive – Orientation & Opening Ceremony

2        Topic -   Proofs writing and Logic foundation

3        Topic –  Algebra 2 

4        Topic –  Algebra 3

5        Topic –  Number Theory 1

6        Weekend Excursions

7        Weekend Excursions

8        Topic - Number Theory 2

9        Topic – Number Theory 3

10      Topic – Combinatorics 1

11      Topic – Combinatorics 2

12      Topic – Combinatorics 3

13      Final Exam and Research Symposium.

         Residential students Depart after Exam or Research Symposium 

Syllabus/ Learning resources

Sample questions for the 15-17 year old category can be found here. You may also check out the South African Math Olympiad 

Sample questions for the 
11-14 year old category can be found here they may also check out the Mathcounts site or the PWMC 

As always there are tons of videos here for 15- 17 year olds and here for 11-14 year olds.