MISE Tournament is Ghana's premier mathematical problem solving competition for 11 - 17 year old students in Ghanaian Schools. The Tournament consists of two selection rounds and its a preliminary selection program for Mathematical Olympiad Program. The tournament provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring young mathematicians to develop problem solving skills, get tournament experience, bond and connect with peers from diverse backgrounds.

The MISE Tournament emphasizes ingenuity rather than knowledge in solving the problems so younger students are not at much of a disadvantage compared to older students. The competition targets students who enjoy solving mathematical problems in a variety of areas and want to strengthen their creative problem solving skills.

2015 Registration Deadline: January,31   Registration has officially closed.

Round 1: OPEN Tournament (21st March 2015)


•        Its a 50-minute, online multiple-choice exam.

•        It is administered at a computer lab or Internet cafe.

•        It has NO penalty for guessing.

Round 2: MISE Invitational (25th April 2015)


•        It is a paper and pencil exam administered at a school classroom over a 120-minute period.

•        It is taken by top scorers on the Open Exam.

•        All answers are non-negative integers.


Math Olympiad Program (20th July - 1st Aug 2015)* 


•        It is hosted at Lincoln Community School over a two-week period.

•        Invitation is extended to the top 12 scorers on the MISE Tournament.

•        Problems require proper argumentation and proof.

Anticipated Math Olympiad Finals Schedule


Day    Activity

1      Students Arrive – Orientation & Opening Ceremony

2      Topic  Logic and Proofs

3      Topic – Algebra 

4      Topic – Algebra 

5      Topic – Number Theory 

6      Weekend Excursions

7      Weekend Excursions

8      Topic - Number Theory 

9      Topic – Number Theory 

10    Topic – Combinatorics 

11    Topic – Combinatorics 

12    Topic – Combinatorics 

13    Final Exam and Departure.

Syllabus/ Learning resources

Sample questions for the 15-17 year old category can be found here. You may also check out the South African Math Olympiad 

Sample questions for the 
11-14 year old category can be found here they may also check out the Mathcounts site or the PWMC 

As always there are tons of videos here for 15- 17 year olds and here for 11-14 year olds.